The learning pattern of every children differs, you can classify the learning pattern as,

  • First benchers- They need visual input of instruction and information to learn efficiently.
  • Middle benchers- They need auditory input of instruction and information to learn efficiently, they also learn by reading and writing.
  • Back benchers- they are the kin-esthetics learners they need a practical physical environment to lean.

Different learning style of students is termed as VARK.

Why we should use EduOne tablets?


  • Visual and Interactive learning has better impact.
  • Remote area education with no internet possible through storage devices.
  • Affordable – Cost of Education is equal to the cost of Tablets.
  • Complementing and Supplementing the availability of teachers .
  • Online Education material such as videos , presentations, and digital contents available.
  • Uniformity of content deliverance.
  • Flexibility of Study Timings.
  • Facility of revising lectures.

EduOne tabs provide 24X7 interactive tracking and communication system between teachers and parents

Now you may ask how? and our answer to your how is the SMART SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

  • Course materials for all classes
  • Attendance- grade trackers
  • Test creation
  • Interaction between parents and student
  • Interaction between patent and teacher
  • Interaction between student and teachers.

All course material available from LKG TO 12th standard bundled in tablet of your choice like 7’inches and 10’ inches tablet.

Who can Use EduOne Tablets
INDIVIDUALS – Who want to Support their school education
SCHOOLS – Who want to provide Digital facilities complement Their education system