Field Resource Management

Efficient field service puts the right person on the job to resolve issues faster and boost customer satisfaction. Yet a distributed workforce, communication breakdowns, wasted trips, and lost paperwork often hamper productivity. A disconnected point solution doesn’t help either.

  • Field resource management (FRM) helps to provide end-to-end management of a company’s field service operations.
  • This includes locating vehicles, managing worker activity, scheduling and dispatching work, ensuring driver safety, and integrating the management of such activities with inventory, billing, accounting and other back-office systems.
  • It ensures that work orders are assigned to the right person, with the right inventory and tools to deliver exceptional service.
  • This provides a single system with a closed loop process to deliver services efficiently.

FRM  Today

On the wings of mobile innovation and affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment options, FRM software has been expanding its following. But many smaller businesses are still practicing paper-based FRM and may be unaware of available solutions.

This awareness will helps to choose a solution that offers the most value and longevity.

  • FRM system today is used for coordinating field operations of a company through a mobile workforce.
  • The right software solution helps automate these tasks and provide mobile access through a cloud-based platform.
  • With FRM, advanced dispatch capability provides intelligent technician recommendations, assigning resources at the right time to the right location. Planned maintenance replaces costly and reactive work, and you can easily manage contracts to meet service commitments. FRM replaces disconnected tools with an integrated solution that’s easy to use and designed to delight.

 FRM Tasks


Scheduling and order management


Vehicle/technician location tracking


Route optimization and GPS navigation


Customer portals


Job status updates


Parts and inventory management


Integrated invoicing/payment processing.


Time tracking and driver logs

Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with Integrated Field Service

Integrated Field Service Management provides customers with end‑to‑end visibility from issue to resolution. You avoid business disruptions and improve asset utilization significantly with planned maintenance. Mobile enabled agents can quickly view and record information on the go to resolve issues faster.